Chilipad Canada

Save more on your total order when you buy a Chili Pad Sleep Comfort Cooler / Heater Pad along with a one of our memory foam mattress sets or latex mattress set – $20 off on Twin, TwinXL, and Full sizes; $30 off on Queen, East King, and Cal King sizes. Each cube came with directions, a remote, a tube drain, and warranty information. The water then makes its way through soft coils integrated in the mattress pad, actively adjusting the temperature of the bed’s surface. But thanks to this amazing Chilipad Canada, it doesn’t have to make life tricky. Occasionally there are special discount coupons also available on our Chili Pad products. I haven’t come across any decent Chilipad alternative yet, but if you discover one, let me know. NOW AVAILABLE – The Chilipad Canada Cube 1.1 is a mattress pad with a cooling and heating temperature control system. I found my kidneys got a bit cold so I sleep with a scarf around my waist to keep them warm while the Chilipad Canada keeps the rest of my body cool. This size was developed to regulate the temperature of half a queen size mattress. I tried everything: herbal supplements, wicking pajamas, pillow insets, and I even bought a new mattress. The ChiliPad Cube and ChiliBed Cube use a water circulation system to regulate the temperature of your sleeping surface. I am very happy with the service provided by Barry and TheComfortOutlet and I would definitely recommend the Chilipad Canada. The pad design truly provides a consistent, soothing surface temperature that I honestly enjoyed, especially after a long, hot day in the desert where I live. Since this is a dual system, the pad arrived with two cubes, approximately 9x9x7 inches that attach to the 8 foot tubing via a snap in, secure system. The Chilipad Canada Heating and Cooling System allows you to control the temperature of your bed in one degree increments. The theory behind this is that the product works by heating or cooling just the bed itself, instead of the entire house.

It’s a regular mattress pad, except with a built-in network of micro silicone tubes which all connect to the cooling/heating unit (cube). The Chili Cube is connected to the mattress pad by a built-in connection tube measuring 48″ in length. In fact, the Chilipad Canada has been shown to save as much as $100 per month on cooling costs. The Chilipad Canada may be a reliable and long-lasting purchase that is worth the initial price of $499-$1099 (depending on the size mattress that is needed), especially for anyone suffering from a sleep problem or issue that severely impacts the quality of their rest. One of the features that a user might only get to know of, once he/she purchases the product, is that Chilipad Canada offers both warming and cooling feature. The queen size ChiliPad is a dual zone system allowing each side of the bed to be set in one-degree increments from 55F to 110F or anywhere in between. The control unit averages 80W of energy use, and dual-zone ChiliPad Cubes let you set each side of the bed independently. In this review, I’ll be looking at the 2 main approaches: cooling mattress pads and bed fans. It fits seamlessly on top of your mattress and under your sheets, while the control unit fits neatly under your bed or next to your nightstand. The Single Zone, ideal for smaller beds has one Cube and cools or warms the bedding surface for one person. The Chilipad Canada minimizes heat that tends to get trapped between you and your mattress while you sleep, addressing the problem in a very innovative manner. Depending on your budget and the level of cooling you require, they range from simple fans and well-designed mattress pads to complex bed cooling systems. The Chilipad Canada design incorporates a series of micro-tubes that allow water flow to help control temperature. Like the human heart, the ChiliPad Cube pumps blood (water) into the body’s (mattress pad’s) veins (tubes). Each temperature zone is controlled by a cube that holds and circulates heated and cooled water in the pad. Chili pad mattress toppers come in both a single zone with one temperature for the entire surface of the bed and dual zones with two temperatures.

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